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What is Stone-Coated Metal Roofing: Its Composition, Manufacturing Process, and Its Benefits

Stone-coated metal roofing offers durable and reliable protection from the weather, and it comes in a wide range of styles and colors. Among the roofing options for commercial and residential projects, why use stone-coated roofing?

Let’s delve into what stone-coated roof is, what it’s made of, how it’s manufactured, and the benefits it offers.

What is a Stone-Coated Metal Roof?

Stone-coated metal roof is a roof made from high-strength steel or metal that is then coated with various coating and stone granules to enhance the base’s protective capabilities and appearance.

Due to its composition, a stone-coated metal roof offers strong resistance to weather and corrosion. Compared with other roof materials, it can protect your home or building longer. With proper care and maintenance, this roof material can last up to 50 years.

This type of roofing also comes in different styles. Ritestone offers stone-coated roof tiles in different styles to fit different architectural designs:

  • Classic Tile
  • Wood Tile
  • Bond Tile
  • Shingle Tile
  • Roman Tile
stone roof

What is a Stone Coated Roof made of?

As mentioned, stone-coated metal roofing has multiple layers of coating. It is made with a high-strength steel material as its base and is then coated with multiple layers of protective materials, each one serving a different purpose:

  • Clear Acrylic Overglaze: provides waterproofing for the internal layers and base while improving bonding strength and color brightness.
  • Colored Stone Layer: protects from ultraviolet rays, reduces rain noise, and improves roof aesthetics.
  • Base Coat: strengthens the internal structure of the roof tile by ensuring strong adhesion of top and bottom layers.
  • Protective Coat: protects the zinc aluminum coating and enhances the paint’s bonding with the steel.
  • Zinc Aluminum Coating: protects the steel base from heat reflectivity and corrosion. Applied on the top and bottom of the steel base, thus adding another layer.
  • Protective Coat: protects the zinc aluminum coating and enhances the paint’s adhesion.

How is Stone-Coated Roof Made?

The foundation of a durable stone-coated roof tile is a high-strength steel. The process begins with stamping each metal sheet to form the different tile designs.

Each sheet then goes through different sections where it is sprayed with a layer of protective coating. The first layer sprayed on both the top and bottom is the zinc aluminum coating. Followed by the protective coat for the bottom of the tile.

On top of the tile, which will be exposed to the seasons, the protective coat, base coat, colored stone layer, and clear acrylic overglaze follow.

After the layers have been set and dried, the roof tiles are ready for installation.

Benefits of Using Stone-Coated Metal Roofing

Stone-coated metal roofing has captured the attention of numerous contractors, architects, and even homeowners around the world because of its strong composition and the consequent benefits it offers. This type of roof offers excellent benefits for both residential and commercial properties. It’s benefits include:

Weather Resistance

Stone-coated roof tiles are made with multiple layers allowing them to withstand strong weather conditions. It offers protection against ultraviolet rays, water leakage, and corrosion. It can protect your home or building rain or shine – throughout monsoon or summer seasons.

Noise Reduction

Metal roofs typically make loud noises when it rains or when something falls on them. The colored stone layer offers light sound insulation that reduces rain noise. So, even without soundproofing, you can enjoy peace and quiet even during a downpour.

stone roof

Energy Efficiency

This type of roof offers high heat reflectivity, which is extremely useful in a tropical country like the Philippines. This feature helps houses and buildings to stay cooler despite extreme heat outside. Property owners can save money on electricity bills since interiors will require less cooling. 

Variety and Versatility

Ritestone’s stone-coated steel roofing comes in five styles ranging from simple to rustic. These designs are versatile and add an elegant finish complementing different architectural designs. There is no limit to stone-coated roof applications!

Low Maintenance

Stone-coated metal roofs require minimal to no upkeep. The multiple protective layers resist water and sun damage, so you don’t have to worry about costly maintenance. At the very least, it requires a periodic visual inspection, especially after a hurricane with strong winds when sharp debris may puncture holes or bent tiles.  


Stone-coated metal roofs are made to last up to 50 years without major damage. Throughout its life expectancy, you can expect the roof to protect your property from heat and rain. With such a long life span, you and your clients are sure to maximize their investment.

Seal the Deal with a Stone-Coated Roof

What makes stone-coated steel roofing a great option for residential and commercial projects is its strength, longevity, and visual appeal.

As a supplier of stone-coated roofing in the Philippines, the process of making stone-coated steel roofing guarantees that each tile is properly coated and thus, can offer strong resistance to strong weather conditions.

With this type of roofing material, you can ensure strong infrastructure and beautiful designs that will impress clients.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our products or to get a quote.

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