Stone-Coated Roofing Accessories

Complete your roofing project with our premium stone-coated metal roofing accessories! Choose from our wide range of roof tile designs and get a set of high-quality accessories to perfectly match your structure’s aesthetic. Partner with us and ensure a watertight and durable finish for your roof.

Angle Ridge Cap

Angle Ridge Cap

The Angle Ridge Cap is one of our most common stone-coated roofing accessories because of its durability and functionality. It acts as a cover at the peak of the roof and is used as a finishing seal.

Circle Ridge

Circular Ridge Cap

The Circular Ridge Cap is one of the more classic stone-coated metal roofing accessories perfect for a more classic-styled roof design. Like the base form of our Angle Ridge Cap, it’s used to cover the edge of roofing tiles.

Flat Sheet

Flat Sheets

Our premium Flash Sheets are made to create a watertight seal for the roof’s flashings such as the barge, fascia, and other surrounding areas. It comes in two variants differing only in their lengths. Both sheets are 450 mm wide with Flash Sheet I measuring 2000 mm in length and Flash Sheet II measuring 1400 mm.

Finishing Kit

Finishing Kit

To complete the look of your roof, our finishing kit comes with a set of stone chips and glue made to cover visible screws. These stones create a seamless and polished look, enhancing the appeal of the roof. It can also be used to retouch the sheets in case there are tiny imperfections from the installation process.

Explore Our Stone-Coated Roof Tile Designs

Classic Tile

Classic Tile

Wood Tile

Wood Tile

bond tile

Bond Tile


Shingle Tile


Roman Tile

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