Residential Stone-Coated Roofing Application

The application of our residential stone-coated roofing solutions to Philippine homes ensures the high-quality finish of your roofing projects. Our tiles are popularly known for their strength and resistance to heavy winds, rains, and heat, all while maintaining their elegant style. Choose from our range of designs to perfectly complement your architectural aesthetic!

Applications 1 Wood Tile
Applications 3 Wood Tile
Applications 2 Wood Tile


Increased Durability

With our eight-layer residential stone-coated roofing application, you guarantee the protection of your home projects. Our tiles can safeguard your property from extreme weather and prevent degradation caused by the elements. You can expect premium quality tiles ideal to use for all your roofing solutions.

Elegant Finish

The versatility of our roofing tiles is perfect for any project, ranging from commercial to residential installations. Its material composition combined with the sophisticated stone finish perfectly complements any theme you’ve chosen for your project while maintaining its functionality.


The improved durability of our roof tiles guarantees its sustainability. The high-strength layers offer enduring protection against varying weather conditions, and its timeless design ensures that your residential projects are visually relevant for years to come.

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