Roman Tile

Roman Tile Stone Coated Roofing Sheets

Experience the classic allure of our high-quality Roman Roof Tiles. Designed to replicate the timeless beauty of traditional clay tiles, these roofing sheets offer both vintage elegance and modern durability. Transform your property with Roman tile stone-coated roofing sheets that combine the charm of old-world craftsmanship and the strength of cutting-edge technology.

  • Length: 1300 mm
  • Width:  420 mm
  • Tiles Per Sqm: 2.16
  • Weight Per Tile: 3.0 kgs

Available Colors:

Roman Tile Roofing Accessories

Angle Ridge Cap

Angle Ridge Cap

Circle Ridge

Circle Ridge Cap

Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet

Finishing Kit

Finishing Kit

Applications of Stone-Coated Roman Roof Tiles

Experience the timeless charm and resilience of stone-coated Roman tile roofing sheets! From classic aesthetics to robust protection, our roofing solutions elevate your residential and commercial property projects with a classic, ageless, and elegant roofing choice.

Applications 2
Applications 3 Classic Tile
Applications 3 Wood Tile


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